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How to install the hotel magnetic lock lock

Publish: 2018-6-21 22:35:30

The first step: software

  1. Software authorization, put the software authorization card on the reader, locate the authorization place on the software, click authorization.

  2. Change the password to add the operator and assign different permissions.

  3. Set up hotel layout, add Hotel block, large area floor.

  4. Add room type, add room number (room number must correspond to the correct floor area - large area and floor).

Second step: hair setting card

  1. Room setting card (one room per room with the corresponding room number).

  2. Time card (time card will be used immediately, more than 1 hours to be remade).

  3. Initialization card (also called clearing card to remove the authorization information of the door lock)

Third step: setting door lock information

  1. Check whether the door lock is properly installed and whether the battery has been installed properly.

  2. Set the door lock information in order: brush the door lock, authorization card - room settings card (brush the corresponding room number) time card, if all the normal lights, indicating success.

  3. Test, brush the corresponding room guest card, you can open the door.