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Which brand is best for intelligent door lock

Publish: 2018-6-22 23:46:44

In general, the door locks are divided into three categories:

The first kind is the function lock, the ordinary mechanical lock;

The second category is electronic locks, without fingerprint alarm, password lock and card lock.

The third category is intelligent locks,  hardware with network alarm capability.

From the price point of view:

The first type of mechanical lock is about 500, and the second type of electronic lock is about 800. Compared to the previous two lock categories, the price of the intelligent lock is slightly higher than 2000, and the expensive point is below 3000 4000. If the price is taken away from the safety considerations, it is more appropriate to choose an intelligent lock with the ability of networking alarm.

In function, the difference between fingerprint lock and intelligent lock is big, although it is only a fingerprint lock, but the way to lock the intelligent lock is also different. All of them have fingerprint / password /NFC/ Bluetooth and other unlocking methods, while the greatest advantage of intelligent lock is that there is a network computing function, for example, intelligent lock can be connected through a lock. Now, we can check the lock, lock, lock, networking, power and other status of the door lock in real time. In addition to the application of the intelligent lock in the ordinary family, some advanced hotels, long and short rented apartments are also widely used. Through centralized control, the centralized change of fingerprint and password will undoubtedly be a big step in improving the efficiency of management.