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What are the steps of the hotel door lock installation

Publish: 2018-6-28 20:34:34

First, the preparation of the smart locks before the installation of the hotel confirms the condition of the door lock: confirm whether the installation conditions of the scene conform to the installation requirements. Two, the hotel intelligent lock installs the drawing hole line: divides the door's positive, the back and the side line according to the factory opening hole picture. The front opening line of the door is drawn: the height of the door lock is determined, the position of the handle is 90 centimeters from the bottom of the door (the old door is reformed, then the door is still right). Three. The door of the hotel's intelligent lock is installed and the right face and back hole are opened according to the painted opening line. Four. After opening the packing box for the installation lock of the hotel intelligent lock, first check whether the door lock spare parts are complete, the direction is consistent with the room, and the battery tests whether the computer lock core and the PCB work normally, and then start the installation of the lock.