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Functional explanation of electronic cipher lock

Publish: 2018-4-1 15:26:21

The lock system is powerful and flexible and convenient to use. (the door bell can be installed, the door lock can set up to 27 bell rings; the second generation identity card can also be the key for you to open the door.) a multi card door opening can be realized and the door lock can be set to regular open state. When the door is not locked (the door is not locked well), the door lock will automatically alert the alarm. The password and the open door card are all deleted and configured by the users themselves, minimizing the security holes. The system adopts Mifare card, which is a popular inductive card, such as residential parking lots. This door lock is suitable for modern offices, office buildings, senior residential quarters, apartments, villas and so on.

Main functional characteristics

1, card type: Mifare induction card

2. Touch the key to enter the password

3. The microwave method is close to the card.

4, after adding the doorbell, the door lock can set up up to 27 kinds of doorbell sounds.

The 5 and second generation ID card can also be the key to open your door.

6, the way of opening can be set by itself. Mifare card and password can unlock /Mifare card and password independently, and use it to unlock.

7, the card is set on the door lock, without system software, up to 2 management cards and 200 open door cards.

8, the password can be modified by itself. A password can be set up at most, and 50 open codes.

9, password supports random code input, up to 12 bits.

10. Can set the channel

11, the door 'false lock' alarm

12, low voltage alarm

13. Battery power supply, external emergency power supply

14, the hand can be locked back

15, chain type mechanical key, national B anti-theft lock, it is not easy to copy, and has high safety.

Main technical indicators

1, working voltage: 6 V (4, 5, genuine alkaline battery).

2. Static power consumption: <50uA

3. Dynamic voltage: <200mA

4, battery life, 10 months or more (4, 5, genuine alkaline battery).

5, low voltage hints: <4.5V

6, the distance from the card reading: >20mm

7, working temperature: -20 C -70 C

8, humidity: less than 80%