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Wireless networking door lock is the leader of electronic intelligent door lock industry.

Publish: 2018-4-1 15:23:49

China is the largest consumer of locks. The annual sales of domestic lock industry is huge, and the market of locksets will grow at a high speed. The survey showed that growth China intelligent electronic lock demand will show exponential trend. In recent years, the development of smart card has also created favorable conditions for the rapid development and expansion of the intelligent electronic door lock industry.

Wireless networking door lock system is the new trend of intelligent door lock development.

With the improvement of safety requirements of door locks, electronic door locks are attracting people's attention. At present, it has become the first choice for the applications of modern offices such as enterprises (Affairs), office buildings and other modern offices, students or staff dormitories and other applications, such as the non charging quality organ, machine room, laboratory and so on. It has also become the first choice for the door locks of hotels, hotels, clubs and other occasions.

At present, some electronic door lock products developed by ZigBee and other short distance wireless technologies are gradually being recognized and applied by the market. ZigBee is a wireless communication technology based on low speed and short distance transmission. It has a stable signal, high speed and convenient networking, so it is gradually paid attention to by the industry. Based on ZigBee technology, new wireless networking door locks are also widely known and known. At present, many domestic enterprises have been involved in the technology industry, especially the technology of Schindler, Orlean, new Kabu (300248, stock bar) and other enterprises in this area has been more mature and widely recognized by the market...

Wireless network intelligent door lock system, using non-contact 13.56M RF card as the door key, communication using wireless networking work, can achieve record and upload and server remote list, through management software, real-time monitoring of the power, signal, online status and other information to facilitate the operation and maintenance of customers. In the advanced science and technology, the wireless network intelligent door lock system has developed into a modern and fully functional management system, which has already exceeded the simple requirements of the electronic door lock, and helps to standardize the management of the internal personnel of the company. It can not only record the control of lock operation in offline / online mode, limit the range of internal personnel, politely refuse uninvited guests, but also protect the property from infringement effectively.

The traditional electronic door lock unlocking process is more complex, the failure rate is relatively high, and the power consumption rate is also high. With the expansion of the project, more and more industry colleagues and customers have begun to realize the problems of the traditional electronic lock itself, can not check the unlocked data in real time, the blacklist can not be blacklisted in real time and so on, at the same time, wiring trouble and so on. Wireless network door lock and traditional electronic door lock technology, each lock and management center are used to communicate with the management center, which can solve the shortcomings of the traditional wiring method, such as beautiful, inconvenient construction, and the existence of hidden security risks.

In the next few years, with the promotion of consumer cognition, the recognition of the market and the establishment of the sales network, the wireless networking door lock will inevitably have a revolutionary impact on the lock market. Shenzhen Chinese smart lock began to research the wireless network intelligent door lock three years ago, and has the best technology in China, and the products have been sold well at home and abroad.