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Global quality smart lock made in China

  • Panel color:
  • Service: 24 hour shipments
  • New installation and commissioning of electronic door locks do not contain door and door removal fees.

    Distribution:Global distribution

The whole is good(36318) Beautiful appearance(15773) Safety and reassuring(50657) Good quality(15914) A good lock(15089)
The packaging is exquisite and solid, and Shun Feng express is of course impeccable. After sale, the connection and installation of 2H is obviously exaggerated. After several times, the telephone is installed. Installation master is very good, good technology, patience, installation process about 1 hours. The use of fingerprint is easy to unlock. As long as the habit is used, the recognition rate is very high. Secondly, the password is unlocked. Not very good is: when closing the door, lock the tongue is too loud, only the lock will be broken; the quick use guide is too simple. For the first use or the brain test, where is the distinction between the people of all levels, such as the owner, the manager, and so on? Where is there a complete download of the instructions? Very important。 Overall, it is also satisfactory. 1 do not need to bring keys, 2 do not lose keys, 3 are not afraid of keys, 4 are not afraid to open doors, and forget to take keys..
Red bronze 2017-07-28 10:05